The versatile set of dispute resolution tools, available for IP rights, makes the IP system effective, by allowing both holders to validly enforce their IP rights and alleged infringers to resist ungrounded enforcements of IP rights, by even allowing competitors to challenge the validity of IP rights.

We can assist you within the entire assortment of possible IP dispute resolution tools in Europe and in Italy, such as:

for assignments, partnerships, licenses and co-existence agreements;

which are quasi-judicial proceedings concerning European patents before the European Patent Office, EU trademarks before the European Union Intellectual Property Office, and Italian registrable trademark applications before the Italian PTO;

such as arbitration, in order to benefit in terms of time and cost advantages of a less formal procedure than litigation, and mediation, so to transform conflicts into unexpected business opportunities;

which are time and cost effective procedures for solving issues which may arise from domain names conflicting with trademarks and other IP rights;

against goods suspected of infringing IP rights entering the European Union;

such as civil proceedings for IP rights infringement or invalidity declaration and for unfair competition, and criminal proceedings concerning counterfeiting.